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How It Works

Our trade scanner analyzes pullbacks on the side of the trend.
When specific criteria are met, a trade suggestion is sent to your email.

Reward ratio

Reward ratio

Change the reward/risk ratio to adjust suggested orders to match expectations.

Heads Up

Heads Up

Paints candles orange to let you know a signal may be appearing soon.

Trailing Stop

Trailing Stop

Shows order line that follows price to help reduce risk and ride winners longer.

Counter Trend Mode

Counter Trend Mode

Shows signals against the trend, good for mean reversion.

Marc Principato CMT (MarcPMarkets)

Marc is a Chartered Market Technician, trader and educator who has been active in the financial markets for 20+ years. He has been employed by industry leaders such as and SMB Capital and has held Series 3,7 and 63 licenses. As a proponent of Efficient Markets, he now focuses on automating his strategies to compete in the markets of the future.

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Trade scanner Results

ETHUSD2024-05-04 22:21:52CRYPTO$3113.4700SHORT$3225.4800$2945.45502024-05-08 20:33:19$2944.82005.73%
XRPUSD2024-05-07 00:01:30CRYPTO$0.5399SHORT$0.5620$0.50682024-05-10 14:31:40$0.50616.68%
BTCUSD2024-05-05 00:01:32CRYPTO$63896.0000SHORT$66249.9900$60365.01502024-05-10 16:06:24$60330.03005.91%
BTCUSD2024-05-14 04:02:37CRYPTO$62464.0000SHORT$64274.1514$59748.77292024-05-15 13:29:53$64321.0900-2.89%
ETHUSD2024-05-13 17:45:36CRYPTO$2937.0300SHORT$3028.1329$2800.37572024-05-15 20:00:29$3030.3300-3.08%
DOGEUSD2024-05-14 06:21:37CRYPTO$0.1466SHORT$0.1568$0.13132024-05-15 21:00:31$0.1569-6.56%
XRPUSD2024-05-13 20:06:32CRYPTO$0.5072SHORT$0.5222$0.48462024-05-16 08:01:33$0.5224-2.91%
ADAUSD2024-05-02 16:04:52CRYPTO$0.4569SHORT$0.4875$0.41102024-05-17 10:56:48$0.4878-6.33%
MATICUSD2024-05-16 12:01:36CRYPTO$0.6856SHORT$0.7119$0.64612024-05-17 11:39:20$0.7119-3.69%
ETHUSD2024-05-16 10:21:37CRYPTO$2999.4000SHORT$3093.1757$2858.73642024-05-17 14:27:16$3093.6700-3.05%
LTCUSD2024-05-04 08:01:35CRYPTO$81.5900SHORT$84.2626$77.58112024-05-17 23:58:37$84.3310-3.25%
MATICUSD2024-05-18 05:33:32CRYPTO$0.7140SHORT$0.7358$0.68132024-05-19 21:33:20$0.68114.83%
SOLUSD2024-05-23 12:07:30CRYPTO$176.2700LONG$166.4501$190.99982024-05-23 20:00:46$165.7900-5.95%
SOLUSD2024-05-23 22:21:57CRYPTO$177.7000LONG$165.7601$195.60982024-05-24 06:28:04$165.7300-6.74%
ADAUSD2024-05-28 01:53:35CRYPTO$0.4635SHORT$0.4766$0.44382024-05-30 07:21:52$0.44384.44%
DOTUSD2024-05-24 12:01:36CRYPTO$7.2200LONG$6.8132$7.83022024-05-31 16:09:12$6.8130-5.64%
ADAUSD2024-06-02 09:23:28CRYPTO$0.4494SHORT$0.4583$0.43612024-06-03 19:38:10$0.4583-1.94%
LTCUSD2024-06-03 12:01:27CRYPTO$83.5800SHORT$85.1373$81.24402024-06-04 09:18:10$81.24002.88%
DOTUSD2024-06-03 14:38:54CRYPTO$7.0800SHORT$7.2687$6.79702024-06-05 06:22:58$7.2690-2.6%
MATICUSD2024-06-04 00:01:32CRYPTO$0.7046SHORT$0.7254$0.67342024-06-05 20:08:27$0.7256-2.89%
ADAUSD2024-06-04 08:01:33CRYPTO$0.4566SHORT$0.4707$0.43542024-06-07 10:10:40$0.4710-3.06%
XRPUSD2024-06-05 04:14:33CRYPTO$0.5249SHORT$0.5358$0.50862024-06-07 18:00:56$0.50723.49%
SOLUSD2024-05-25 00:01:32CRYPTO$167.6400LONG$155.7826$185.42612024-06-07 18:15:10$155.0100-7.53%
BNBUSD2024-06-08 07:19:26CRYPTO$692.5000LONG$670.4547$725.56802024-06-10 03:50:12$670.0300-3.24%
ETHUSD2024-05-24 12:01:37CRYPTO$3712.8600LONG$3460.3314$4091.65292024-06-11 15:41:15$3450.8300-7.06%

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a free trial?

    There's a one week free trial on all 'monthly' packages. But if you sign up for our Trade Of The Week email, you will receive one Cryptocurrency, stock or forex trade suggestion every week. You can paper trade these ideas to get a feel for how this system works.

  • How reliable are the signals?

    Win rates vary with market environments and with that being said, we aim to achieve a greater than 60% win rate. Automated signals should not be taken blindly. It is possible to outperform the system by learning how to actively manage the trade positions which is a subject we teach.

  • How much do I need in my account to get started?

    For cryptocurrency and forex trades at least $2,500 and to trade stocks more frequently at least $25,000 in order not to violate the Pattern Day Trade regulation. You can trade stocks with less than that, but you will have to abide by regulatory limitations.

  • How much can I make from these signals?

    It depends on many factors such as account size, management experience, risk tolerance, etc. Keep in mind profits and losses should be in proportion to the account size. To offer some perspective, a realistic monthly return for a professional trader is 3 to 5%. On a $1000 account that amounts to $30 to $50. Signal providers that tell you otherwise are selling dreams.

  • What separates you from other signal providers?

    Most signal providers do not have the industry experience or adequate expertise to provide such information. Along with that, they are unable to provide a realistic education as to how financial markets work. In comparison, not only are you getting quality signals, but you are also gaining access to the knowledge, experience and insight from a professional that you will not find anywhere else.

  • Can I pay in cryptocurrencies?

    Yes, you can contact [email protected] for payment instructions.

  • Can I get a refund?

    No refunds. You can sign up for our Trade Of The Week email and join our Discord community for free to get a better idea of what the signals look like and how they perform to make an informed decision as to whether our signals are a good fit for your style and risk tolerance.

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